Belinda Rowe

Belinda Rowe - The Force
Certified Training in Moreno Valley

Belinda Rowe is the Founder, President, and a Consultant to The Force Company.  She is a strong leader, counselor and mentor, working tirelessly and with great passion to empower, encourage, disciple and mobilize individuals to come together as team players, to survive any crisis.

Belinda is certified for:

  • CPR
  • Crisis Response Int’l (CRI) Critical Incident Emotional and Stress Management, and
  • Trauma Counselor/Debriefing, Deployment Responder

She has developed survival guidelines, policies and programs for communities, businesses and churches.  Operating under the principle of “People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan,” her mantra is “It’s better to have a plan that you don’t need, than to need a plan that you don’t have.”  As a result, her strategic plans are developed to guide the people, to assist them in uniting together as ONE for the greater cause in order to assist the needs of many.

Belinda resides in California and is the proud mom of a son who resides in Tennessee, and a daughter with the rank of sergeant in the US Air Force who travels the world.