drinking water - The ForceIn an emergency you can use water already in your water heater tank, plumbing, and in ice cubes.  DO not use water from the reservoir tank of your toilet.

  • Access reserves in the water heater by opening the spigot at the bottom of the tank, attach a garden hose and strain the water through a coffee filter or clean cloth.
  • Before you access the water in your plumbing, locate the water inlet/shutoff value for house, condominium or apartment and turn off the water.
  • Pools, spas, waterbeds and similar sources of water can be used for sanitary purposes only. Do not drink the water from these sources.




1 Quart                                4 Drops

1 Gallon                             16 Drops

5 Gallons                             1 Teaspoon

After adding bleach, shake or stir the water container.  Let stand 30 minutes before drinking.

Emergency Outdoor Water Sources

If you need to find water outside your home, you can use these sources.  Be sure to treat the water according to the instructions on the next page before drinking it.

  • Rainwater
  • Streams, rivers, and other moving bodies of water
  • Ponds and lakes
  • Natural springs

Avoid water with floating material, an odor, or dark color.  Use saltwater only if you distill it first.  You should not drink flood water.