Broadcasters, including television, radio, cable operators, satellite television and satellite broadcast radio will transmit emergency alert messages.

Area radio stations monitor emergency broadcast from a variety of sources including the L.A. County Emergency Alert System, NOAA Weather Radio, California Law Enforcement Radio and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Radio.

Go to community meetings. Talk to your neighbors about their plans and encourage them to plan with you. Agree to help each other prepare to leave when authorities announce plans to evacuate endangered residents.

Call Letters Dial Location City
KFI 640 AM Los Angeles
KNX 1070 AM Los Angeles
KFWB 980 AM Los Angeles
KROQ 106.7 FM Los Angeles
KHTS 1220 AM Santa Clarita
KRLA 870 AM Los Angeles
KCBS 93.1 FM Los Angeles
KABC 790 AM Los Angeles
KAVL 610 AM Antelope Valley


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