Our Driving Force

the force - mission statementPurpose:  Preserve lives and livelihood in the face of disasters.

Vision:   To empower individuals, communities and small businesses to prepare for and successfully manage themselves during disaster until assistance or aid arrives.

Mission:   Educate people in disaster response (Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery) and assist them in planning for and surviving disasters of varying types that may affect their homes, communities and/or businesses.


About the Force

about the force

The Force is an Emergency Planning and Preparedness consulting company with more than 12 years of experience. Our knowledge and expertise was gained from employment within public and private sectors as Directors, Instructors, Organizers, and Inspectors. We are experienced in local municipalities, education, financial services, neighborhood communities and churches.

Through developing emergency and disaster programs from the ground up to accessing, enhancing and conducting drills of this nature, we have the experience to manage and add value to your emergency planning and preparedness program.

The Force is skilled at working with people at all levels, bringing them together to create a well-designed program. Most noteworthy is our ability to establish well-defined client objectives and apply the appropriate framework to guide our clients on a path of increased readiness to plan and prepare for any and all unexpected disasters.

Services Offered

  • Emergency management assessments
  • Assessment, evaluation and streamlining of existing emergency planning and preparedness program and guidelines
  • Development and implementation of emergency planning and preparedness plans
  • Emergency management walk through, drills and rehearsals
  • Training and education for all levels of employees
  • Acquisition, storage, and maintenance of emergency food and supplies

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